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AlarmPoint is now xMatters. If you knew us before, you may be wondering what changed. The short answer is: we’re still doing what we did before; only now we’re helping entire organizations become more aware and responsive. We still offer the same quality solutions you’ve come to expect, like alert management products, but we’ve realized that what businesses need most is relevance: a way to connect people with what matters to them, at exactly the right moment, so they can take effective action.  Here's how our relevance engines work:

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xMatters makes relevance engines that connect people with what they need to know, at the exact moment they need to know it – so they can act quickly and intelligently to move their business forward. It’s a simple concept, but it means different things to different people depending on what role they play within an organization.

A relevance engine is a technical capability that can be added to just about any product or service to connect people with what matters to them at exactly the right moment. A relevance engine delivers information, notifications, and choices to the right people and gives them the ability to take immediate action.

AlarmPoint is now xMatters, inc.

xMatters relevance engines improve your business

What is a relevance engine?

  • IT services. Make your IT service delivery more efficient and reliable with minimal new investment.

  • Risk management. Know exactly what is happening in key business units, and have the confidence that your core business will keep running, no matter what.

  • Customers. Differentiate yourself by connecting with your customers in ways that add value and deepen loyalty.

  • Innovative product development. Get to market faster, with products, services, and experiences that give you a competitive advantage.