It's that time again - on April 27th we're upgrading our on demand clients to our Spring 2013 release. Not only do you get a ton of great new features, but we're hosting an hour-long webinar to showcase the release on April 16th, so you'll know what's coming your way.

Don't miss the webinar where you'll find out about:

  • xMatters the Explorer: You asked and we listened. We've expanded support for our relevance engine design tools to include Internet Explorer. That means you can now use IE and Chrome to build new innovative communication processes in xMatters.
  • See the World: We've made some major updates to the Events report to make filtering and exporting more powerful so you'll only see added bonus, our iOS client now has an Events view of its own.
  • Take it All with You: We've been working hard on our export functions. With this release you'll have the ability to export a list of the users in your system into simple CSV file, the ability to programmatically export volumes of notification data, and the ability to export and import relevance engines.

Fill out the form below to hear Doug Peete, our VP of product management, discuss the release and give you an in depth demo of everything that's coming your way.